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Nutrition Workshops

Did you know the surgeon general of the United States now ranks excess weight and obesity of the number one public health concern? Did you also know that most diets fail because they take the pleasure out of eating? In order to change your body, you first have to change your mind.

AJ Bodywork can help you understand why what you feed yourself and your family is important. Together we can set-up eating practices for healthier heart function with less risk for high blood pressure, hypertension, and diabetes. We’ll educate you on nutrient dense foods that can create healthy gut bacteria that when eaten will leave you feeling happy and full of life.

Parent Series


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L.E.A.N. Start is a 6-week workshop that allows parents and caregivers of children ages 3-12 to "experience" nutrition and play, taste healthy food, and learn interactive games appropriate for children. It offers fun, simple, affordable strategies that will help your family have more energy and better behavior. It was developed by Dr. William Sears, known as America's Pediatrician, and other experts in the field of children's nutrition, health, and fitness. 

We will introduce you to traffic light eating and spend time talking about right carbs, right fats, fiber, proteins, and water.

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L.E.A.N. Essentials is a one-time 2-hour workshop for parents or caregivers. It is an introductory class based on the L.E.A.N. Start program and filled with practical solutions for parents. We help you understand how your child’s brain is directly impacted by lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition choices.

You will be guided through a fast paced and highly interactive session where we discuss why you should care about what your family eats. We will touch briefly on fats, proteins, and sugars, and give you several delicious and healthy recipes to try at home. We will also discuss how play helps kids grow.

Pregnancy Series


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Prepare RIGHT Now - Turning Your Pregnancy into a Healthy New Beginning is the first workshops in the Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Expectations series.

In this workshop you learn about:

  • The stages of pregnancy and how to create a healthy womb environment for your baby
  • Simple exercises that relieve stress and increase the likelihood of an easier delivery and faster recovery
  • Preparing for the emotional, hormonal, and physical changes your body will experience during pregnancy
  • How your attitude directly affects your pregnancy and the health of your baby, as well as the benefits of developing a strong support system

LEAN - Eat RIGHT Now.png

Eat RIGHT Now – Experience Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy and Beyond is the second workshops in the Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Expectations series.

In this workshop you learn about:

  • Eating for two and healthy weight gain
  • Cravings – what they really mean and why we have them
  • How avoiding certain foods and additives can protect your baby

LEAN - Live Right Now.png

Live RIGHT Now – Make a Smooth Transition from Pregnancy to Motherhood is the third workshops in the Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Expectations series.

In this workshop you learn about:

  • How to create a strong and lasting bond with your new baby
  • Which decisions are most important to make early on, e.g. breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements, Dad’s role
  • Ways to nurture relationships and stay connected with your spouse
  • Why TLC for new moms is so important

Adult Health Series


LEAN - Prime-Time.png

Have you invested in your IRAH-Individual Retirement Account for Health?

Prime-Time Health Workshops are for those who want to take charge of their health, prevent illness, and learn skills for a lifetime of healthy living. It is a scientifically proven plan developed by Dr. William Sears for healthy aging to help adults and seniors:

  • Understand how the body changes
  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging
  • Boost energy, stress less, sleep better, and sharpen thinking
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and the "highs" (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars)
  • Become fit, strong, and flexible

These 90-minute workshops are taught as a series of 4 workshops (recommended), or can also be attended independently. Each workshop consists of 2-3 healthy tool tips and activities, a healthy snack and recipes, and on your own assignments to continue learning.

The Four Prime-Time Health Workshops are as follows:

  • Open Your Internal Pharmacy - We learn the keys and science behind the body’s internal pharmacy, how you can help the body produce these custom-made medicines and how to take charge of your health.
  • Make Health Your Hobby - This workshop is about how to manage your IRAH (Individual Retirement Account for Health). We discuss healthy aging, inflammation, digestion, and grazing vs. gorging. We also learn how to read a nutrition label.
  • Move Waste From Your Waist -  We review the difference of waist vs. size and discuss body types. We examine how movement benefits us and spend some time learning simple exercises.
  • Live Without Pain and Inflammation - We learn what causes inflammation and how to reduce inflammation and stress. We talk about the risks of poor diet and the benefits of reshaping your tastes.

Pantry Makeover

Pantry Makeover.jpg

Do you want to eat better, but don’t know where to start? Are you frustrated in trying to decipher food labels?

Organizing your pantry has never been this fun! During this interactive home consultation, you will learn a simple system of choosing what foods to eat called Traffic Light Eating, how to read a nutrition label, which foods to consider replacing with healthier options, and what foods are on Dr. Sears Dirty Dozen list.

Smart Shopping Trips

Smart shopping trip.jpg

Are you wanting to learn to make healthier food choices while shopping?

You can receive personalized attention during this fun shopping trip where you will receive a suggested brands shopping list as well as find out some tricks of navigating through the grocery store. Call us to book a shopping excursion.