Create Your Healthiest Self

Health Coaching and Theraputic Touch

  • Licensed Massage Therapists
  • Master Certified Health Coaches
  • Certified Foot Zone Practitioners
  • Certified Reiki Practitioners
  • Qigong Instructor (Jeremy)

Welcome to AJ Bodywork! We specialize in health coaching and therapeutic touch. 

After years of personal and family struggles with health and wellness like chronic fatigue, cancer, and poor nutrition where traditional medicine only had partial answers, we dug deeper to find additional wellness solutions. Like many others, we discovered that the body has an innate ability to heal itself. We have taken a more holistic approach for ourselves and have the desire to help others on their wellness journeys.

AJ Bodywork wants to help you paint a vision of your own wellness and give you support and encouragement as you find your solutions. We offer therapeutic treatments as well as collaborate in designing action steps that allow you to create your healthiest self.

Join us every Tuesday night at 6pm for QiGong at The Studio @ Cutting Edge located at 308 East 4500 South, Suite 210.